June 1, 2013

- For the last several weeks I've been lamenting the death, or at any rate complete identity change of flickr.  For many years, flickr has been the only internet social media that I engage in.  I always liked it because it wasn't ugly..  it wasn't busy and full of distractions or ads.   It was a place that you could show photographs and know that people might actually look at them, maybe comment on them.  A real community developed there in the early days, not a group of serious photographers so much as a group of regular people documenting and  sharing their lives.  I have very close REAL live friends that developed out of that community.

I think in a lot of ways flickr really helped my photography!  It gave me an audience, a reason to shoot.  When I started to build bikes, I already had a built in audience from flickr and I never once needed to advertise!  When I got sick, I had a built in network of support. Flickr has become ugly, though.  A cluttered mess.  I know that some people don't mind it so much, but I can't take it.  I don't like the way photos look on there.  So I've stopped using it, and it makes me pretty sad.

Lately I've been pretty weak.  I've got a broken arm, I get tired easily, I'm in a certain amount of pain, and I'm on a certain amount of pain meds!  (in both cases, that 'certain amount' is considerable).  I'm really not able to work in the shop anymore.  But for me, the need to make stuff is a driving force and doesn't go away.  An urge that I can't ignore.  Lately I've been feeling the urge to take photographs.  To make people's portraits.  To document what sound like they'll be my last weeks.. months. It has been a REAL pisser to me lately that flickr isn't an option.

SO.  I made a this website.  My thought is that I'll populate it gradually with photos from the past, and with new photos..  day by day as they accumulate.  Just a simple clean space to be able to look at the photographs without any busy distractions. It'll take a little while to work out the bugs, and massage it into just the site I want it to be, but I'm going to try to shove it up here onto the web as is, and let the fixes happen when they do, simply to have a place to put some pictures!

The Teaching Cancer to Cry blog will continue to be the place to get information and updates and thoughts on the progression of my cancer.  I'm finding, however, that a lot of the time I'm at a bit of a loss for words.  I think that I'm likely to post a lot more often if I allow myself simply to post a photograph from the day.  Maybe a few words, or a whole post, but maybe just a picture.  And perhaps I'll make it so that the picture itself is a link to a gallery of photos from the day.  There won't be any tags, or any favorite-ing..  any way to comment on individual photos..  (sadly there won't be a way for me to follow other people's lives the way I did on flickr, either!)   But there WILL be a nice clean environment to look at pictures, and I hope you will.

Thank you, as always, for being an audience.  For witnessing what I feel has been a most beautiful and lucky life that continues to unfold in magical ways before my very eyes!

I suppose that an about page on a photographer's website should probably say a thing or two about how he got into photography..  why he shoots.. what equipment he uses, etc.  If that stuff actually interests you, the gents at Photgraphic Journal did a very nice interview about a year ago.  Read it HERE.