how it works

Each week (or so) I'll be offering a group of 9-12 photos that hang together in some way as a group.  For the time beng, I'll be choosing these photos from work that I've already made public on flickr.  Perhaps down the road, I will start to dig into old negative sleeves, and files on shelved external hard drives to see what's there!  Undoubtedly there are photos that didn't strike me as being terrible interesting at the time.. 

I will be offering the photos in limited quantities.  I want to do the printing myself.  It means something to me for those who buy these prints to know that I was the one actually doing the work.  As such, I need to offer them in quantities that are manageable for me.  The printing/packaging/labeling is all quite a lot of work.  Currently my plan is to do all of that work on ONE day of the week.  Probably a weekend day.  So whatever orders make it in by the time I'm done printing for that week will go out on monday or tuesday.   The ones that don't will ship out with the next week's batch.


The photos will all be shipped via USPS priority mail.  I am rounding up actual cost to the nearest $.50 (additional prints are just $1.00 more to help cover the cost of shipping materials).

U.S.   $5.50

Canada    $20.00

Everywhere else    $25.00

I apologize that the international shipping is so expensive.  I AM willing to hold on to international orders for those of you who think that you might end up buying more prints down the road.  I have not found any really clever way to keep track of this, mind you, so you'll have to help me out!  Please, if you want me to hold your international order write "HOLD ORDER" in the comments section of the paypal check out.  Unfortunately, to place subsequent orders, you will still have to initially pay the shipping in order for the shopping cart program to do its job, but I will refund you the shipping minus the $1.00 extra item fee.  Once you've accumulated all the photos you want, simply send me a note to that effect and I will ship all your photos together.